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Surroundings Katwijk aan Zee

On www.vvvkatwijk.nl you can see a complete calendar overview of the activities and events. Throughout the year, there is much to do in Katwijk. There are organized various activities. Dune trips and music festivals. There is plenty to do! Throughout all seasons, there is something to do in Katwijk! Take a look at www.vvvkatwijk.nl for more information on activities and events.

More websites with informatie about Katwijk and activities:

Walking on beach
High or low water? Check it out here!

Activities in the Katwijk city centre
Winkelcentrum Katwijk

Rent a bike and book
Paul tweewieler

VVV Katwijk
Local Tourist Information and event calender

New balconies flat 2 and 4 - You can sit out of the wind!

New balconies flat 2 and 4 - You can sit out of the wind!

After several weeks on the scaffolding, the fa├žade was renovated and new fences were installed.
A little more space and you can sit sheltered from the wind in north and south winds.
Off to spring

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